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Strasbourg Day 3

Today was our day to take the river boat tour around the island. This cost 13 € and the ride took over an hour. Comfortable seats and a "pick your language" selector for the recorded narration. The only problem was shooting photos thru the plexiglass cover: reflections and distortion. Once again, we saw many things we hadn't seen walking around, or on the mini-train.

Our river boat
Buildings along the river
European Parliament Building
Another charming street with cafes and great plants
One great kodak moment after another
A squad of soldiers on patrol
Gutenberg statue in Gutenberg Place

Tram Ride

Part 2 of our day plan was to get a ticket and ride the tram. These quiet, modern train sets roll all day on tracks set at street grade. They travel slowly in town, and faster as they get out of pedestrian areas. A 24-hour ticket for a group of 2 to 3 people cost 6.80 €, so we bought one. We rode a ways off the island, and then caught the train back in and to our hotel. The trains were crowded at 2 PM, which must be a shift change here. Most of the riders appeared to be workers.

The tram rails are right below our blaconey.
Chris tries onion soup for the first time.
Probably somewhere in France there is someone who makes a good cup of coffee.