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Travel Day

Orlando International Airport

I arrived at the airport today at 5 PM for my 8PM flight. The cab had come 5 minutes after I called for it, and had made good time getting me there. After another hour, I was at the gate. I had two hours to wait for boarding.

I fly business class now. Tourist class is too cramped for me to spend nine hours in a seat. Business class seats are big with lots of leg room. The airlines feed you shamelessly good food and wine, but that's just a side benefit.

I always hope I'll sleep for at least part of the flight. Didn't happen this time. I watched 8 episodes of "The Big Bang Theory", then listened to my audio book. I was awake when the cabin lights came back on and coffee was served. It was a long flight, but comfortable.

Business class seat monitor. I had to lean forward to adjust it
Seat Control Panel
Breakfast as we enter German airspace
Frankfurt Airport train station
Train to Eislingen

I moved through the immigration/baggage claim/customs stations with almost no waits. Frankfurt Airport is a sprawling complex of halls and buildings, so, lots of walking. After I had all my luggage, I headed for the train station in the airport. The plan was for me to take a train to Stuttgart, where Christina would join me for the last leg of my trip: train trip to Eislingen.

Mindi (daughter) and Fin (her boyfriend) met us and drove to their home. We arrived home at 4 PM.

Yay! A completed trip!

We enjoyed a nice dinner of Hungarian goulash and spaetzle. I begged off at 9 PM to crawl into bed. This day lasted from 8 AM Thurday in Orlando to 9 PM Friday in Eislingen- 31 hours. My pedometer showed 7653 steps. I was asleep in 20 seconds!