Nancy Hagerty, President,                                                                             January 26, 2015

OMBC Board of Directors


Dear Nancy,

Millie and I have been talking about the current circumstances OMBC finds itself in and feel we cannot continue on in our present capacities either as a board member, bond holder or game owner. Effective February 27, 2015, we will relinquish all three of these positions/responsibilities for both physical and emotional reasons. The following is a partial list of the reasons for our action.

First, The Board seems to deny that its proceedings are closed and reactionary. There is little or no communication with the players, who, as we have previously expressed, are the true “owners” of this club. The Board has a “secret” advisor who is revising the by-laws and whatever other documents that must change in order to maintain the present structure and organization.  The players deserve the right to know the inner working of the Board up to and including the financial status of the center.

Second, Actions the Board have taken, specifically the denial of Perry Poole’s ability to run a game at the center leading to his departure, were short sighted and definitely not in the best interests of the center. This center is in dire need of an individual who can put together and oversee a continuous recruitment and education program. This is the lifeblood of our continued success and survival. The mere fact that Perry was not given the chance for due process was just wrong.  His ability to recruit new members was outstanding and we have nothing planned to take its place.  Another offshoot of this decision is the North Orlando Bridge Club, while now in its infancy will eventually grow to rival OMBC.

Third, We feel a deep sense of paranoia for our own well being and longevity at the Center. What happened to Perry could easily happen to us because of the stands we have taken. Secret votes with no reasons given and no due process or avenue of appeal would leave one feeling the way we do.

Finally, we appeal to the board to hold a series of open meetings with the players and explain the process the board is currently going through and its goals and objectives. It’s not too late to start communicating with our “OWNERS”.

Millie and Rick Larkin