Blackballed Again

7 November 2014

Business as Usual?

by John Christman

The OMBC Board of Directors met again this Friday to reconsider their decision regarding Perry Poole’s game. In a secret meeting, they once again voted to deny the use of our facility for this successful Tuesday night game.

No reasons have been given for this decision.  Whatever the cause, Perry will still be permitted to teach bridge classes to OMBC players, leading this writer to imagine that his offenses are not so terrible.

I’m afraid the problem here is not Perry Poole, but the unreasonable power vested in this unelected Board of Directors.  Perry, and his game, may be the victims of a grudge borne by enough board members to exclude him. 

This is no way to run a bridge club.  The current system has alienated and discouraged enough good people.  Time for a change.

I have decided to continue to update this website to serve as an information source for players at our club.  And, hopefully, to document the revolution. 

Your Thoughts Wanted

I have received many copies of notes emailed to the Board regarding Perry's Tuesday game.  I do not feel I should publish these without permission.  If you  are willing to allow  them here, please email me, and I will post them on this website.



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