An Update from the "For The Players" Committee
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In response to a petition signed by over 100 OMBC players, a committee was formed.  We call ourselves "For the Players"

The committee has focused on the following issues:
  1. Why do OMBC players pay the highest games fees in the area when the OMBC is heavily subsidized by the City?
  2. Why are Players not allowed to vote to determine who sits on the Board when the Club's Articles of Incorporation called for the Club to be "organized on a membership basis"?
  3. Why do clubs which charge lower game fees and receive less subsidies, have larger reserve funds than the OMBC?
  4. Why do directors at the OMBC make $300 for a 16 table game while directors at other clubs make $85?
  5. Why doesn't the OMBC run all games under its umbrella allowing players to win more masterpoints?
  6. Why are directors profiting from the Club allowed to serve on the board and vote on the lease agreements which surrender the vast majority of player fees to the directors?
As a first step to improve the OMBC, the "For the Players" Committee proposed the Board "expeditiously transition the Club to be organized on a membership basis as called for by The Articles of incorporation."  A token gesture of allowing players to elect a few board members would accomplish little towards remedying the questions raised above.  The Committee made clear players should “have the opportunity to elect all Board members". 

We look forward to players voting in a Board which will best serve their interests and the interests of the Club.  We welcome your suggestions and support. 

Committee members include:

John Christman, Committee Chairman
David & Jennifer Rogers, Bond Holders
Gloria McCain, Bond Holder
Susan Rowley, Unit 240 Board President
John Moschella, Unit 240 Treasurer
Steve Barcus
Robert Dennard

Kay Dennis
Paul Dennis
Eileen Easterling
Jim Easterling

David Loeb
Maureen Loeb
Lance Marrou

Charlie Miner
Mark Raphaelson
Elliot Raphaelson
Lyn Shapiro

Larry Steiner
Jonathan Sundheim
Mara Tuttle
Bill Worrall

The committee is open to all players.  If you would like to join, please email John Christman at or call John at 407 896-8567
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